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As sharing and benefitting from experiences is priceless!

TripAround is a travel experience platform to search and document round trips. It offers an automated creation of overview maps, structured galleries with space for experiences and tips via a simple picture upload. By making user-generated as well as professionally organized multimedia-driven tours searchable by personal preferences, everyone can find and book a tour they are interested in.

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How it works


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Learn from others experiences!

Use the knowledge of travelers who have already explored your destination. Get an idea about the appropriate length of stay at your stops and how to connect them best. Build your personal discovery tour based on their experience.

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Discover the possibilities!

Browse through the journeys of various round trips. Get first hand information from travelers on destinations that seemed unreachable to you so far. Find the adventure that fits your imagination.

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Immerse yourself!

Let yourself be carried away by the big picture of the roundtrips. Discover what your tour stops and the way in between really have to offer. Visualize the tour with vivid photos and videos from the travel community.

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Get started!

Found your inspiration? Don't hesitate any longer and start your trip. Get important tips, book accommodations and more depending on your preferences. Or do you prefer an all-round carefree package? Then browse through our bookable tour packages of selected tour providers. In any case, don't forget to take pictures with geotags on your tour.

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Share and inspire others!

When you return from your experience, double it up by sharing with your friends and the world. Inspire others with your experiences. Just upload your pictures. With a bit of magic we'll help you to present your adventure as a memorable highlight.

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The Team

One team, Five nationalities, One vision

We want to make round trips simpler and more efficient beginning from the initial stages of planning it up to the very last stage of reviving it. We free you from time-consuming tasks and give you more time to indulge in your experiences. We wish to spark your curiosity for various countries, different cultures, foreign food as well as the hidden gems of this planet, and raise your desire to traverse unexplored paths besides typical tourist spots. For that we count on your experiences and those of many others like you who make you this travel community. We provide you with the proper tools so that sharing and benefitting from experiences becomes easy and enjoyable.